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About us

Scruffy is a very interesting Monkey. Scruffy. His best friend is a Honey Badger.  Don’t be timid, Be Scruffy.

Embrace your inner Scruffy!

Scruffy is everywhere. Scruffy has friends in low places and very high ones too!

Everyone has their scruffy moments, but not everyone is a Scruffy Monkey.

Scruffy Monkey has been there, done that, and made the t-shirt!

Scruffy has a Super Bowl ring, he’s not giving it back.

Scruffy is the Ultimate Wingman.

When time get rough, get Scruffier.

The world is our Jungle! If you are Scruffy the world is an opportunity waiting to happen.  You just have release your inner monkey.  Let your Scruffy out. A true Scruffy Monkey has friends in low places and high one’s too.  Go where the Monkey takes you. See what the Monkey sees. “Do what the Monkey do.” Every year is the year of the Scruffy Monkey so make this your year.